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Stages plannings >> Planning and Microguide P1014

Camino del Norte, from Ir煤n to Santiago.

Planning with medium hardness stages. End of stages in cities of San Sebasti谩n, Bilbao and Santander.

Itinerary / Stretch: Ir煤n - Santiago de Compostela
Routes / Ways: Camino del Norte, Camino Frances
Update date: April 2019
Total length of way or stretch: 813.8 Km
Number of stages: 38
Average length of stage: 21.4 Km
Average distance between towns with pilgrin hostels: 7.5 Km

Profile and distribution of the stages:

Stages planning:
Stage Starting town Town of arrival Total km
1 Ir煤n San Sebasti谩n 23.8
2 San Sebasti谩n Zarautz 21.5
3 Zarautz Deba 22.3
4 Deba Markina-Xemein 23.4
5 Markina-Xemein Gernika-Lumo 24.9
6 Gernika-Lumo Larrabetzu 17.7
7 Larrabetzu Bilbao 14.5
8 Bilbao Portugalete 19.8
9 Portugalete Ont贸n 18.0
10 Ont贸n El Pontarr贸n de Guriezo 21.2
11 El Pontarr贸n de Guriezo Helgueras (Noja) 25.9
12 Helgueras (Noja) Santander 30.5
13 Santander Requejada 28.6
14 Requejada C贸breces 21.2
15 C贸breces La Acebosa 24.7
16 La Acebosa Buelna 22.1
17 Buelna Celorio 21.5
18 Celorio Cuerres 17.2
19 Cuerres La Isla 23.0
20 La Isla Amandi 22.6
21 Amandi Gij贸n 25.9
22 Gij贸n Avil茅s 24.7
23 Avil茅s Muros de Nal贸n 21.8
24 Muros de Nal贸n Soto de Lui帽a 15.3
25 Soto de Lui帽a Cadavedo 18.7
26 Cadavedo Luarca 15.7
27 Luarca Navia 20.0
28 Navia Tapia de Carariego 21.3
29 Tapia de Carariego Casa da Pena (Vilela) 17.3
30 Casa da Pena (Vilela) Lourenz谩 21.2
31 Lourenz谩 Gont谩n 24.2
32 Gont谩n Vilalba 21.4
33 Vilalba Baamonde 19.2
34 Baamonde A Roxica 24.9
35 A Roxica Sobrado dos Monxes 15.9
36 Sobrado dos Monxes Arz煤a 22.1
37 Arz煤a O Pedrouzo 19.6
38 O Pedrouzo Santiago de Compostela 20.2

Other plannings and microguides of this route: Camino del Norte
Title N.of
Camino del Norte, from Ir煤n to Santiago, with stages of medium hardness. 32 25.5 P1013

What is the microguide?
The microguide, as the name suggests, is a small guide of few pages (depending on the number of stages) and that condenses the basic information that will help you to make the route. This basic information consists of the profiles of the stages and the towns and places by which it passes, with the services available (whether there is a hostel, a food store, etc) and partial distances. If you do not want to carry a heavy guide in your backpack, maybe this microguide is very useful to you, since you can print it or take it in your smart-phone.

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