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Stages plannings >> Planning and Microguide P1002

Camino Franc├â┬ęs completo, de dureza media.

Planificación de etapas de dureza media.

Planning ref.: P1002
Itinerary / Stretch: Saint Jean Pied de Port - Monte do Gozo
Routes / Ways: Camino Frances
Update date: Febrero 2023
Total length of way or stretch: 769.6 Km
Number of stages: 29
Average length of stage: 26.5 Km
Average distance between towns with pilgrin hostels: 5.0 Km

Profile and distribution of the stages:

Stages planning:
Stage Starting town Town of arrival Total km
1 Saint Jean Pied de Port Roncesvalles 24.8
2 Roncesvalles Larrasoaña 27.1
3 Larrasoaña Zariquiegui 26.2
4 Zariquiegui Lorca 26.4
5 Lorca Los Arcos 30.0
6 Los Arcos Logroño 27.8
7 Logroño Nájera 29.3
8 Nájera Grañón 27.6
9 Grañón Villafranca de Montes de Oca 27.5
10 Villafranca de Montes de Oca Orbaneja-R├â┬şopico 26.3
11 Orbaneja-R├â┬şopico Rab├â┬ę de las Calzadas 24.6
12 Rab├â┬ę de las Calzadas Castrojeriz 28.1
13 Castrojeriz Frómista 24.9
14 Frómista Carrión de los Condes 18.9
15 Carrión de los Condes Moratinos 29.8
16 Moratinos El Burgo Ranero 27.3
17 El Burgo Ranero Puente de Villarente 25.3
18 Puente de Villarente San Miguel del Camino 25.6
19 San Miguel del Camino Santibáñez de Valdeiglesias 24.5
20 Santibáñez de Valdeiglesias Rabanal del Camino 31.8
21 Rabanal del Camino Ponferrada 32.8
22 Ponferrada Villafranca del Bierzo 24.0
23 Villafranca del Bierzo O Cebreiro 28.5
24 O Cebreiro A Balsa 23.1
25 A Balsa Morgade 28.2
26 Morgade Portos 29.9
27 Portos A Fraga Alta 28.0
28 A Fraga Alta A Rúa (O Pino) 24.4
29 A Rúa (O Pino) Monte do Gozo 16.9

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What is the microguide?
The microguide, as the name suggests, is a small guide of few pages (depending on the number of stages) and that condenses the basic information that will help you to make the route. This basic information consists of the profiles of the stages and the towns and places by which it passes, with the services available (whether there is a hostel, a food store, etc) and partial distances. If you do not want to carry a heavy guide in your backpack, maybe this microguide is very useful to you, since you can print it or take it in your smart-phone.

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